Guess who’s here?


Summer is too messy because you keep sweating and things are irritating… monsoons are good only if you not outside in the mess all around you. Its good in monsoon to be inside and enjoy the rain, while reading a book and having a good hot coffee… and trust me Monsoon is even better if you have someone to cuddle up with, lols!!!


My mom likes summer, because in summer there are no issues with trains, no chance of water filling or something disastrous… my brother loves monsoon, because at times due to excessive rain, colleges cancel lectures… I hate summer but yeah can consider monsoon at times… its good if it rains nicely and evenly (which is impossible in MUMBAI) anyway…

Winter is the closest to me… I love the weather, there is no mess, it’s the cleanest season of all, there are new collections of clothes introduced in stores, and shopping is no mess in winters!!!


Winter mornings, make me read more novels. Imagine what could be better than a good Jane Austen novel in your hand and nice steaming mug of coffee and you covered in a big blanket… that’s the best scene to look at ever… winter afternoons are again the usual ones, but what makes winter special is the winter nights… 😉 half of you’ll would go on a different track when I say WINTER NIGHTS, well yeah I won’t deny the fact that WINTER NIGHTS are awesome to cuddle up but the best part about winter nights are that in winters the nights are too long… Nights being long means can sleep more…


As a child I loved winter because I could sleep more… as a teenager I loved winter nights for the same reason and now as an adult, I love winter nights because… of the same reason.. NIGHTS ARE LONG!!! 😉

I personally feel, all couples should plan their honeymoon and vacations in winter… it’s the best time with no hassles… most of the novels and movies would show love dwelling in winter fights in summer and true romance in monsoon…


Winter is again a good time to apply make-up as there would be no question of your make-up getting off, not with sweat at least…

Well I know that this post seems more like an ADULT WINTER SEASON ESSAY but yeah end of the day perception can vary from person to person. One of guy friend feels monsoon is the most romantic season… he says it’s a nice time to cuddle… lols… different people have different perception about different things!!!


Winter has just struck Mumbai, and that is what, making me write this post today!!! Ahh I love WINTER… happy winter people!!!


4 thoughts on “Guess who’s here?

    1. true.. .rather early mornings are gviing me the feeeling of winters n yeah nites are undoubtedly awsm…. but days are pathetic as usual …. 😉 but yeah hoping for a good winter this year…


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