It feels good when someone pays for you, but the REAL INDIAN WORKING INDEPENDENT WOMAN would love to pay for herself… some men call such woman egoist… but rather it’s just the same feeling that the guys get while paying.

An independent working woman would want to pay her own bill… she would hate when a guy refuses when she takes her wallet out. Maybe yeah, when guys say that such a woman is an egoist woman, they are right!!! When men can pay for the bills on a date at times even a woman can.


I remember, after my graduation when I started working with Intelenet Global Services and met a friend of mine for a movie who had come from Egypt, I paid the money for the movie tickets. It gave me the ‘I’ feeling. I have been for many movies with that friend and every time he paid for it. Then, it was ok… I mean come-on, he is my friend and can pay for it. But when I started working, even I wanted to treat him for a movie and I did it. I was lucky enough as when we were at the ticket counter he got a phone call and I took all the opportunity I got and paid for the movie and took the tickets. He told me, “why did you pay?” and I simply told him: “even I am earning now.(with a very cute smile of mine)” he couldn’t resist smiling back and said, “yeh kya baat hui…” I ignored what he said and moved towards the theatre and he had no other option but to come along.

I was so happy then. I also had the same feeling when I went on a drive with my best friend (JUNAID), my mom and my brother and I asked him to stop the car as I thought to buy some ice-creams for all of us. He insisted on paying but the independent working woman cannot let anyone pay for her.

It’s not that we want to prove to the men something but it’s just that we want to have that proud feeling ourselves: the feeling of I PAID IT!!! It’s an amazing feeling one can ever have. At least an independent working woman would have this feeling when she is paying for it. Not that she would always love paying. She would love someone who would ignore her desire to pay but at times would let her pay.

I am sure many working woman would agree to what I wrote today and many of my MALE reader would comment something very WEIRD on this or write a blog-post altogether just to put me down or criticize me or just to show that what I have written is ABSOLUTELY WRONG. But what I write is from the heart and yes a SOUL with CHAOS can write more… end of the day the CHAOTIC SOUL is the SOUL of a REAL INDIAN WORKING INDEPENDENT WOMAN…

P.S.: this post is from the heart…  😉



  1. you’re right Ash, actually they don’t understand that …. well let’s face it in our culture and tradition man is responsible for all the payings, but they don’t understand in such occasions it feels good to do something out from us… Good point!…. 🙂


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