Unrealistic standards!!! That’s the problem… we want everyone in our life to be like us… we want people close to us behave like us… NOT DONE!!!


If I love a guy, I should accept him as he is. But to be very frank it’s difficult; rather impossible. The most unrealistic standard is saying: “I would never change for anyone and would not ask someone to change.” Everyone today, wants people to change. I always tell Shrabani, “behave!!!” when she dances on the road or says something unsophisticated… just like she tells me not to cry… either of us says it for the good of the other but this way we trying to change the person. This is what friends do.


As a child, I was very naughty and talkative. People used to tell me to go away because I used to irritate them. But my parents changed me into a quiet person. When I was quiet people said, “Mita is always so quiet!” when I used to cry, people called me CRY BABY now when I don’t cry people say, “she has no emotions”

School changes us to be a disciplined child while in college we are what we actually are. When we start working we need to work as per our COMPANY POLICIES. When we are with our friends we are again what we are, but at times our friends do have UNREALISTIC STANDARDS for us. In a party, a girl pulled me on the dance floor and tried her level best to make me dance…. THANK YOU but I don’t want to dance. For me a party is all about looking at people for the next character I can write on. People usually tell me, Ashmita you should dance. Well, why?? Is it going to improve my writing? Is it going to improve my English? Is it going to do any good to me? NO!!! When a person is not into something why do we force them?

As any girl even I have a list of qualities I look in a guy for. Is the list realistic?  I want a guy to be PERFECT… am I perfect? NO!!! You can’t plan and fall in love. I have had crushes on many MEN (some were BOYS!!! 😦 ) these men were exactly what I wanted. Good with English. Loved the way I write, enjoyed eating like me and enjoyed looking at me when I am eating, etc. but I never fell in LOVE with these men!!! REASON: UNREALISITC STANDARDS. These men were as I wanted them to be. They were UNREAL like my UNREALISITC STANDARDS. If love had to happen with planning, then today I would have been the lover of GERARD BUTLER. But alas! Love cannot be planned!!! The list that the girls and boys make today is a list full of unreal things in them.

Take a look on your list again and think twice before taking that list out and hunting for a person. End of the day you wouldn’t get a man or woman who would be exactly to what your unrealistic list was. And you’d just blame GOD for it… WRONG! The one you should blame is YOURSELF!!! You are the one who made the list that is full of UNREALISITC STANDARDS.

I am blaming myself for this unrealistic standard that I have… and yeah certainly cannot discuss and fall in love!!!


Well this is the result of a CHAOTICSOUL… you can’t expect what is the next thing I can write. I like to write with the chaotic soul. Utsav the way you love writing, so do I… you love to live your life to the fullest and like to live my life with the people I really care for!!! That’s the reason my soul is chaotic and not yours… 🙂



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