Relationship MIXER!!!


So what to write today? A good question, isn’t it? Lately, I have realized that mixing up relations is the worst experiment ever. A brother if stays a brother than better and a sister stays sister than better. Well I know the line is a bit confusing, it’s just that by mixing relations your own thoughts are mixed up…

If your elder brother is like your friend, wherein you tell him everything going in your life, one day he will pounce back on you… same way if your sister is your friend she will not like you dating a girl she doesn’t like. When siblings become friends more than friendship it is more authority they have on you…

My younger brother is my friend… when I say ‘is’ I mean it… but yeah it’s getting on my nerves… I told my brother about a guy I really used to like and he started telling me, I don’t like him, he seems a flirt, he is not good enough for you, I am glad you are not dating him, don’t you think HE is the better option… WOAH WOAH WOAH!!! So many suggestions from a younger brother are SOMETHING!!! Trust me it is really no good… yeah but at times this younger brother cum friend of mine can be very helpful as well, like if I am going to be late, I will call him up so that he can make up some story for mom, he is the best company for a movie or for a nice treat at KFC (though the money would be mine!)

Now taking it the other way round, don’t make your friends your brothers or sisters; they can be very demanding and very protective… I have a friend whom I consider as a brother, but he is so protective about me that I cannot even flirt with a guy or even speak to a guy friend on the phone if he is near…


Now the most important RELATIONSHIP MIX is your best friend turning into your boyfriend/girlfriend… it is the best thing that can ever happen if your best friend is of the opposite sex but it can get too suffocating for you. What happens is, your best friend is your best friend because he or she knows you In and out. They know who your latest crush is, they know when did you cheat in your exam; they even know when you told a lie to your mom… now if this WIKIPEDIA of your LIFE tries to be the GOOGLE of your life then trust me guys you are dead… for example, your best friend turned boyfriend knew that you liked a guy who is right now sitting in the coffee shop like you and you really liked him. The first reaction you will get from your best friend turned boyfriend is: why are you looking there? Then the reactions would be; when did he come back? You knew he was here? Are you still interested in him? I am sure he wants to date you. I will break his teeth. And our reaction would be WTF! Not happening…

Now imagine you’re ex-boyfriend or girlfriend turned into your FRIEND… this can be the worst of all… want to know how? Listen to this, you and your boyfriend broke up as you wanted to study and don’t want any disturbance and he decides to be your friend. And you guys go out with a gang of friends, first reaction from your ex turned boyfriend: he will just keep staring at you. If there is a couple on the road, he will say, “We were like this!!!” he will call you baby at times. He will try to hold your hand sometimes. Well this wouldn’t work…


In short any RELATIONSHIP MIX can be very nostalgic, trust me… let things be like they are…


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