Generation GAP: VICIOUS of all!!!


Today I finally came to know what GENERATION GAP is. A young girl of 22 would say: “I left the job because I need a break!” while mother of this 22 year old would say, “if you want a break then you could’ve taken a week’s off?!?”

This is generation gap… but what I’ve lately observed about generation gap is that it’s only between parents and children… now when I say parents and children I literally mean it… for example you may face the issue of generation gap with your mom and dad but you wouldn’t face the same issue with your grandparents… rather your parents may have the same issue with their parents rather your grandparents…


This is a natural tendency that many parents and many children haven’t understood yet!!! Some things do take time and this is one such issue in the Indian Culture that can actually turn into a BIG ISSUE if not taken care of… who will take care of it. When I am saying that it is a big issue, I do mean it… I had a fight with my mom wherein she was supporting the parenthood and I was supporting the point of view of a child… the argument was baseless but yeah this argument lead me to think that what we argued on was nothing but GENERATION GAP and the reason we fought was again GENERATION GAP…


Parents need to understand the children and vise-a-versa… well it’s a tendency that children don’t want to understand parents and think that WE ARE RIGHT but at times it can be other way round as well… it’s just that we need to understand the opposite party… life is indeed about loving your family but more than loving it should be understanding your family… now-a-days we do love our family but do we understand them. Do we know why is our mom asking us to come home early or why are the children coming home late? We don’t ask for reasoning, as we don’t proper reasons… Neither do the parents ask for reasons nor do the children… instead of trying and understand the situation all of us just take a haste decision by just saying: “you would never understand us…”


On the other hand your grandparents can be your best friend because of which, there would be a gap between our parents and our grandparents… this is GENERATION GAP… but I just realized how vicious this can be today we are the children and have the support of our grandparents but tomorrow when we become parents and we wouldn’t have our grandparents but would have those rebellious children who would have the support of their grandparents i.e. OUR PARENTS, WE WOULD BE ALONE… think about GENERATION GAP and everyone has to take a step to avoid it… parents please try to ask your children things in such way that it’s not demanding and children, high time now GIVE SOME RESPECT to get SOME!!!


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