Be Proud of Who YOU are!!!

Being all alone is the worst and the best thing together… I know I am contradicting my own thoughts but standing there all alone shows you where you are, what you are, why you are so alone… and it’s a worst thing because we, humans don’t have the habit of being without anyone… we love to be in company… we want people to care for us, people for whom we can care…

But at times being alone means you would know what now? You would decide things for yourself. And at times you are alone because you chose your Self- Respect over anything… I believe in one small thing that nothing can be greater than your self-respect… it is you end of the day that has to think about your family, and yourself, none of your friend or boyfriend or girlfriend would do that for you.

It is a bit bitter in the beginning to be alone, it is very sad for a person to be alone; it indeed makes you cry… but those tears not necessarily will be the tears of sadness it can be the tears of anger as well…

Recently met a friend and she told me about her break up. She told the guy, that she cannot cross her limit unless she would be sure that it is TRUE LOVE… and the guy just broke up all the relation with her. The guy before being her boyfriend was her best friend and it all went apart… she was immensely depressed when I met her but I was sure it’s a matter of few days…

My mom always told me one thing that I told this friend of mine, “there is nothing known as BEST FRIENDS” and she just smiled and agreed. Now I will tell you’ll why there is nothing known as best friends. My mom says friends can be either friends or lover, but when we say that there is something known as best friends it is fictitious. When I told my mom that a friend is a normal friend but a best friend is a person with whom you can share your sorrows and happiness. My mom said the one with whom we can share our happiness and sorrows are our FRIENDS and while the other people in our life whom YOU call NORMAL FRIENDS are nothing but ACQUAINTANCES… I felt her explanation is true and since then I have people who are my friends and people who are acquaintances…

There would come a time in your life wherein you would be standing all alone because you took a decision to be alone for your self-respect. Don’t be sad in such a situation. Maybe in this situation you had to leave your friend, but trust me he is not your friend if he leaves you, but he will be your friend who would stand by your side; supporting you, no matter what…

Don’t be depressed that someone has left you. This is the best time to be alone and know more about you. This is the best time to know who the real you are. So what if the person who left you because of your decision was your friend for 6 years now. Know who you are? Do things that you would like to do? Go out with your headphones and enjoy looking at the nature. Go out to a pub and start dancing till the CD breaks… drink like a fish. Eat like you have never eaten before. Go out for shopping with your wallet filled with cash. Go for a movie all alone. Do whatever you love doing. Love yourself and trust me you would come over it soon and would be proud of you.


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