The Wardrobe Melancholy!!!

Though I may have more than a hundred dresses in my wardrobe but every time I open it and have to decide: what to wear? The answer slips out of my lips saying, “NOTHING” it’s not only a problem with me or my beloved she-friends but also with any random girl walking down the street. I am not sure if my rough little he-friends also go through the same phase, but yeah my girl-friends indeed have this problem

I have a collection of dresses that I’ve kept in my closet that I never wear… my mom always tells me to give away those dresses that I don’t wear, but NO the reply she always gets is:  “I’ll wear it someday” and trust me guys that someday is five years now!!!

I still go out shopping, buying new clothes and accessories that I would never wear but I still want my wardrobe to be the most updated once. I have three boxes of earrings, lockets and bracelets that I never wear… I have a collection of salwar kameez that I have never worn and will never wear. I have some kurtis that I don’t even remember when I have purchased them… some tops are so old that I can’t even wear them but I have still kept them because, they were once my favorites…


I can actually wear all those dresses for almost a year and they would never get repeated, but still when I am in front of my closet I would only say, “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR”… it’s certainly the story of most of the girls reading this… most of the moms would crib about their daughters having so many clothes but still buying more and girls would crib about “I have nothing to wear…”

It’s actually the trend of being in the trend. It’s about having the latest things with you. Rather the latest clothes with you. Guys usually have this craze for gadgets but yeah people think that’s more beneficial rather buying clothes is no investment. But yeah it’s all about craze…

Well I know many of the girls reading this blog post today would’ve a smile on their face but yes still they would go in front of their closet and say loudly or slowly, “MAHN I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!”


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