Expensive but Relaxing!!!

Got up in the morning, looked here and there and wondered what to do? Well weekly offs can be a bit nostalgic at times… with a confused mind and swollen eyes went to the kitchen had some tea and then told my brother that I want to sit on the computer but he denied my request! AS USUAL… then the only resort I had was the television and guess what, there was nothing on the television… was fed up watching all the REPEAT TELECAST and the same songs again and again…


Went back to the bedroom and thought, “Let’s go and sleep” but then I just hopped into my shorts and took my wallet and wore my sandals and tied my hair up and opened the main door… my brother was blank for a moment and then he asked, “where are you going?” and I just replied to him, “to pamper myself…”. I was so bored at home that I decided to go to the salon to get myself pampered and spent some money… but man the day at the salon was terrific… I got more than pampered there… I never enjoyed my day at a salon in this way… the facial, the massage, the manicure, the pedicure was amazing and worth spending two thousand or so… I was so impressed that I felt I should never leave this place…

It is actually very essential for every girl to pamper herself, every month… it is good to be a princess for a while and then spending some hard earned money behind you is never bad… you feel so rejuvenated after a nice day spent at the salon… I enjoyed my day like never before… waiting for December now as next salary means another day at the salon!!! 😛


2 thoughts on “Expensive but Relaxing!!!

  1. Dude u shud Thnks me…coz m d one who tld u abt the body spa thng…anyways i tld u na that u’ll definetly enjy urslf…evn m w8ng to go der again…let c.


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