Fat girls can also fall in love!!! As promised by me, I am writing this blog post today!!! Dedicated to all the DARLINGS in the world!!! Being FAT is not a taboo… at times it’s not even by choice!!! In Bengali families, a child is good if healthy and is to be taken care of if slim!!! Weird for many!!! Actually shouldn’t be!!! We like cute children who are technically fat… but we like them as children… we want these children to go FIT and SLIM when they grow up… why??? Aren’t we DOUBLE STANDARDS?

Not done right? Parents first feed us to brim as kids and then as we grow up they say, “you’ve put on weight. Start jogging!!!” this post is not about fat people but about DARLINGS… darlings means fat and healthy girls. I just want to let the world know that WE CAN LOVE AS WELL… we do fall in love… we also want someone to take care of us… we also need someone to call us, “sweets, baby, shona, darlings, sweetie”. We also want someone to dedicate songs for us. We also want someone who would be there no matter what. We want someone as well to accept us as we are…

I am using ‘WE’ because I am in the same league… I am fat and cute… and I love the fact that I am fat… maybe that’s what we call attitude… I know I can reduce the day I want to but why to? Why should I give up on my favorite food, sweets and chocolates? Why should I do things I really hate doing? I hate running just because people say RUN RUN RUN that will reduce your excess fats… rather I would love running to catch a train… I hate doing exercise for the sake of reducing but I am gym-ing because I love my gym shoes and my gym clothes!!! I love the fact that I look good while walking n the tread mill!!!

Going back to the main topic FAT GIRLS CAN FALL IN LOVE TOO!!! I have read so many mills and boons, no where have I read in mills and boons where the heroine is FAT… no offense to any skinny girl and guys who like skinny girls… you’ll can live the way you’ll want to but don’t offend a fat girl because she needs an XXL jeans… when I go hunting for a jeans, I actually have to hunt for one!!! It’s very difficult to find jeans for me of the size 36, I imagine of the girls who need a size more than mine? I in no way envy a zero size girl, instead feel pity for her…

My mom tells me I have reduced lately… maybe she feels so… I still find myself very charming with those extra fats near my love handles… those fats near my love handles remind me of the donuts I have in M.O.D. and those cheeks of mine reminds me of the apple and milk I used to relish as a child… I would do anything but give up on food… how can I ever go starving? I mean, when I decide for a vacation with family, I first Google about the delicacies in that area… I believe that the food defines one culture!!! It takes me almost half an hour to decide what to eat when I go to some new restaurant with my mom… she gets angry and then starts fuming, hence I order the one that the waiter suggests… I was once upon a time the sweet girl who would fall in love just once… but lately because of MEN in my life I have changed knowingly or unknowingly… I don’t understand why guys consider FAT girls as BEST FRIENDS? My guy best friend made me his best friend when I was nice 80kg!!! And now when I am 67kg he proposed to me!!! STRANGE!!! Not done!!! He made me his best friend when I used to have a crush on him and now when I have moved on in life and consider him as my best friend here he comes with the sweetest words ever!!! But now it’s too late… I don’t like skinny guys…

Guys no matter what you think but FAT GIRLS have a heart too… a heart that knows loving more than you think it knows, a heart that knows to be loyal even if she is not dating you, a heart who knows what true love is unlike you!!! She would love you no matter what! She would be with you when you need her…

Fat girls can love people!!! I can love!!! I had loved once upon a time!!! But now when I am losing my weight I have lost interest in love!!! I have become a flirt, I am not me!!! Maybe I will still not give up eating but losing your weight is the dumbest idea ever, even dumber than losing your virginity… don’t be all mouth open!!! Seriously, losing your weight means you are changing for the world and losing your virginity is for your desperation!!!

Message for guys who considers THE FAT GIRL in his school or college or his work as his BEST FRIEND:

“Dear Heart-throb of the year,

You have many girls behind you. You have that charming smile that would get you any girl you want. You can get laid with ample of size zero girls… you can have relationships with many girls as well, but remember there is someone who sits in the first bench of your class wearing the biggest spectacles and the biggest clothes ever. You might not know but she really loves you. Don’t go by her size; see the size of her heart!!! See how much she loves you. I am not saying that a skinny girl wont love you but think twice because if the skinny girl is sweet then okay and good for you but if she is the types who make fun of XXL girls then be careful!!! Someday you can grow fat too…”

Messages for the SIZE ZERO GIRLS:

“Dear love,

If you are the sweet types and really a girl who loves people no matter of their size, color, looks then hats off to you… and the others who are entirely opposite to the last few words, remember girls you’ll can put on weight too… you’ll can have that extra fats near your tummy as well… there can be a revolution where all the hot guys would go for the voluptuous girls and not for the bony girls!!! Think twice before being rude to DARLINGS!!!”

Message for the DARLINGS:

“Dear darlings,

Don’t change for anyone!!! And don’t beg for love!!! Begging for love will only give you CHARITY!!! You don’t want that, do you? Have the attitude to carry your 90 kg of body as well… eat your favorites and go to the gym only when your heart says you to, not when your CRUSH or your FRIENDS say!!! If you love wearing those high heels, go buy them… if you love dancing on the rocking Punjabi number in the pub, go and dance… if you love someone and are scared in confessing then forget the fear and ask him out… to the worse he might just say NO!!! A NO can mean that you have other options open now!!! Rather if you keep your feelings to yourself then no more options open for you!!! Go and enjoy yourself on the weekend instead of reading such a sad and depressing blog post… if you love reading such sad and depressing blog post then at least take this message seriously…”

Message for the others who mock at XXL GIRLS:

“Mind your own business people!!! She has the money to eat she will… she wants to spend her money on food let her!!!”

This blog post has certainly not have turned out the way I wanted it to be, but it is indeed not that bad!!! Maybe I will write something more about LOVE in the next post!!! Till then people Ciao! Adios! Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Eating! Me going to hunt something in the refrigerator now, because this post has made me hungry… 😉


4 thoughts on “FAT GIRLS FALL IN LOVE; AS WELL!!!

  1. Great blog! While I’m not a “fat girl,” but am overweight, I feel how you do, and am kind of proud of my curves, (if only I could get them in the right paces). I suggest you read “Big Girl” by Danielle Steel. It’s truly a motivating and sweet book.


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