Time to Pull up my socks now!!!

Time to pull up your socks!!! I had this happy realization today while surfing the net!!! Its time I should now think about my further studies. Work is always there and will pay me no matter what, but if no education then no work…

Decided to make a Demand draft for my study in English Literature… I know it’s not going to be easy at all… looking at the syllabus I was stunned… for me literature means reading but this is far more than reading. This is study of novelists and study of novels; it’s about study of romantic period and Victorian period!!! I have no clue what am I going to study about it… got no clue about what to study in it!!! Being a commerce student since the last 5 years I have lost the habit of studying theory and this is nothing but PURE THEORY… along with my Masters in English Literature, will also begin studying for NET and SET exams…

NET- National Eligibility Test

SET- State Eligibility Test

With the clearance of these two or either of this I can get a nice job of a lecturer… teaching is what I have always relished… teaching ENGLISH is my dream… seeing the creative minds and encouraging creativity is what I have always believed in!!! I know literature is far more difficult than what I can imagine, but if things were so simple then we would have had every person studying English Literature…

There are people who still think study of English literature shouldn’t be done, but I don’t get the reason why? My mom feels what after studying masters in English literature… she can’t see a future in it!!! She isn’t wrong as well. I have studied commerce for the last 5 years and don’t know the ABCD of ENGLISH LITERATURE… I know ENGLISH LITERATURE is not about writing blogs or reading novels it’s a difficult task… it is as difficult and challenging as MBA… let me first fill up the form and grab admission for MASTERS IN ENGLISH LITERATURE and then I am sure I will do wonders. Will make my mom proud with literature!!!


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