The Best Example of MESSY LIFE!!!

One tangled headphone, two novel- one half read, second- completely unread, few wrappers of chocolate, few thrown-in coins, a large pouch full of cosmetics, a big bunch of keys attached to my id-card, two photos of mine, few ATM cash receipts, few chocolates, two hair bands, one umbrella and few more things (typing this because I can’t remember if there is anything else!!) and lost in all this is my sweetest MOBILE PHONE!!! My bag, like my life is a COMPLETE MESS!!! “It’s a mixture of everything that would result into NOTHING!!!” I don’t know if that made any sense but still I am putting them in inverted commas-that too DOUBLE INVERTED COMMAS!!!

I know my blog posts are also confusing and a mess like me and my bag!!! But that’s the reason the BLOG’S name is CHAOTIC SOUL!!! Everything is a chaos… my life, my bag, my mobile…


My blog posts starts as something and then turns up as something… I get up in the afternoon when people are busy working and work in the night when people sleep peacefully… I go to work when people are going back home… I love to eat Khichadi when I feel like eating something special… I cut vegetables just because I am angry of someone… I comb my hair many times a day and every time I go in front of the mirror I ask my mom: “HOW DO I LOOK?” I fall in love in and out!!! I love reading novels and at times keep them unread because I don’t want to know the end. At times, I just read the end of a novel because I am eagerly waiting for it… I watch my favorite films again and again… I irritate everyone with my stupid forwarded text messages. I like the ones who don’t like me and ignore the ones who really love me!!!

Going back to the first paragraph of my post today!!! My bag is a total mess…

There are so many chocolate wrappers, not because I am lazy enough to throw them but because I can’t throw them on road and then forget to throw them in dustbins…

I keep my headphone very carefully in my bag but somehow they get tangled every time!!!

Got one half read novel, because I am reading it and the unread novel because a friend had asked to bring it!!!

Got the thrown-in coins because the moment I get out of the rickshaw and then rickshaw wala uncle gives me five rupees in chiller, I just keep it in my bag… rather just throw it in my bag…

The large pouch of cosmetic has nothing but 2 types of kaajal (kohl), two types of lips gloss, one Lakme compact, one big bottle of Lacto Calamine and a perfume or a deo!!!

The umbrella is always dumped in because we can never assume in Mumbai, when it’s going to rain or when it’s not… frankly speaking, the umbrella is an useless thing for me, because I would never take an umbrella out if it’s raining!!! Not that I would love to get wet in the rains but because I can’t hold an umbrella!!!

Two hair bands!!! I don’t know the reason behind why I have two hair bands, but I have it!!!

ATM cash receipts would again go in the category of chocolate wrappers…

Chocolates because I love chocolates… I might need them anytime!!!

Well this post is certainly not a sneak in into my bag because there are many more things that I won’t let you’ll know!!! It’s just that I want to discuss, how messy a person’s life can be!!! Once a thing goes into my bag, I would never find it without hunting for it!!! So is our life!!! Our life is a big mess… we don’t know when to say what! When to react how? When to scream? When to smile? When to love someone? When to hate someone?

Going back to my favorite topic LOVE!!! We love those whom we should actually hate and hate those whom we should technically love!!! But we human have this tendency of going behind things or people who are not worth it!!! And then when we fall on our faces we just cry saying: “life is been unfair to me!!!” it’s not life who doesn’t give you love!!! You always get love of your life but we don’t accept it because we want the one who will definitely say NO!!!

A guy who is extremely charming, why on the earth will he propose to a girl who is FAT!!! FIT AND FAT is a complete mismatch!!! Though I believe that LOVE IS BLIND, but not that blind to understand the size of a girl!!! But I still believe that if you want to notice the size then notice the size of her heart!!! The size of how polite she is or the size of how much she loves you!!!

I have seen many guys roaming out with girls with perfect ZERO-size figure… and I have noticed that many healthy girls or rather fat girls are left alone in the college life!!! Well you are not suppose to call a girl fat but I can because I fall in the same category!!! I don’t know why but guys usually make a healthy girl their BEST FRIEND even though they know that the girl likes, rather loves them more than the skinny girlfriend he has!!!

The healthy girl will love them but they will love the skinny girl and eventually when the skinny girl would leave them they would go back to the healthy girl and cry their heart out!!! And like a dumb person the healthy girl would give him her shoulder because SHE LOVES HIM!!! On the other hand if there would be a guy who would love the skinny girl but might not be as perfect as the healthy girl’s love she would hate him for some reasons, not known to her as well!!!

I know my blog started off with messy life and is going on the wrong track, well this proves how messy I am!!! Well will be writing the next blog post tomorrow on “Fat girls can also fall in love!!!” for now ciao!!! Adios!! Love you all!!! If you’ve a messy life then keep enjoying the mess in your life, like I do!!!


4 thoughts on “The Best Example of MESSY LIFE!!!

  1. I like movies made in the 1940’s and 1950’s. All of the female stars of that era would be considered “too fat” to be in the movies these days. Except they were not fat, they were healthy as you say. One thing was for sure: you couldn’t mistake Arlene Dahl, Julia Adams or Rhonda Fleming for boys!


  2. I’m really glad I followed your blog..and reading this post made me believe more you have a lot of talented writer inside you, never forget it 🙂 read your words again and again and you will see how inspiring is it..I loved this:

    ” Our life is a big mess… we don’t know when to say what! When to react how? When to scream? When to smile? When to love someone? When to hate someone? ”

    it’s perfect how you described life….you have very wise mind 🙂


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