Here’s The Horoscope For Today: How True It Is???

“I LIKE YOU A LOT…” don’t be astonished, just that my love horoscope says: “Ashmita dear, tell him how you feel. Changes will come.” I wish horoscopes were really true!!!

One of my horoscopes once said that if I keep saying my feelings to someone special then that someone special will realize my importance and will then be my lover!!! I wrote a blog for that someone and waited… then waited more… then waited even more… then kept on waiting… then I told myself, “Mita, Rome was not build in a day…” and hence I started writing post after post… started dedicating them to him… but the writing was always writing and kept on increasing my waiting…

I still thought that horoscopes might work and then instead of that someone special coming close to me became more far from me… not only physically far but also emotionally… well as we say life moves on… mine moved on as well and then the world started torturing me… not TORTURING literally but yeah kind of torturing… the moment I take a break and I am on my way to the cafeteria there are a few people who calls out the name of that someone!!! Not that people do it purposefully but the name is so damn common that out of every 100 men 20 men might have that name… I hear that name approximately 24 times a day… I am not exaggerating… this is an approximate figure of the number of times I actually here that name… and the moment I hear that name, for a second my eyes becomes more big and I just become still for a moment… and then I move on… many names are unique while some are too common… this one name is so common that it is either the name of a person or the name of any shop in Mumbai…

So going back to the topic of today; HOROSCOPES!!! Are they really true… well Bejan Daruwala and Linda Goodman are the two astrologers whose book I sincerely follow and they are somehow true… maybe it’s all in the psychology… According to Bejan Daruwala, Aries often fall in and out of love… AGREED!!! I do fall in and out of love very often… as I said earlier in one of my post that for me every CRUSH is LOVE…

When I was appearing for my twelfth grade exam I used to wear the dresses to the examination hall as per the color in my daily horoscope… I don’t know if it worked or no; but I scored 71% in my twelfth grade… as per the zodiacs, Aries woman are the one who would have ample of puppy loves, but fortunately or unfortunately I didn’t find any puppy love yet… well found many crushes but no puppy love… but the same zodiac study also says that Aries Woman are quick-tempered and emotional… which is so true!!! I was a CRY-BABY once upon a time… still am emotional but gave up crying for small reasons… now I only cry when it’s a bit too, too much for me to handle!!! I really don’t know if the horoscopes and zodiacs are TRUE or no but no matter what they are truly good to read!!! And hence, I will continue reading them….

I really don’t know how true my horoscopes are but like a heavy reader like me anything and everything is good for reading!!!


2 thoughts on “Here’s The Horoscope For Today: How True It Is???

  1. Yeah, horoscope reading is fun…Wish all the good things written came true. Even when I get a newspaper, I skip all other news just to read the horoscope first and hopefully wait for things mentioned in it to happen…hehehe silly me 🙂


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