No one can define it for the world… but one can always define it for them… it is the thing that everyone craves for but some say that they want it!!! It makes you cry, laugh, giggle, fight, look beautiful, look funny… you can do anything to get it… you will relish it when you have it… and you will not take care of it when you have it… what is it???

Simple it’s my favorite topic to blog on… LOVE!!! Today not writing on love but on heart breaks… how does it feels??? How does it feel when the one you think you love leaves you??? Well like love, a heartbreak also depends on person to person…

I always thought heartbreaks means all day crying and sobbing and not eating food and breaking things and finally fall ill… for me a heartbreak was a bit different… it was not an actual heart break but yeah something like that… well I thought I wouldn’t eat at all but rather I was hogging all day… I spent a fortune buying ice-creams, chocolates, chips and cold drink… I kept on eating, eating and eating…

Crying was undoubtedly on the agenda; my crying results in swelling of eyes… so yeah my eyes were swollen and had become quarter of the original size… I had become all red but I kept eating and drinking… finally I took the packet of chips and the bottle of cold drink and went in front of my computer and watched No Strings Attached until I was tired… obviously my chocolates and ice creams were over and I was in no condition to leave my house to buy more of it… I had only the reserves of cold drink and chips then and had to use it accordingly… I switched off the movie because the more I saw the couple loving each other the more I felt like crying… I pulled up the songs available on my computer and that was the worst decision ever… I had all senti songs on my computer… thanks to my brother and I started crying like a baby when the song Little Girl started playing sung by Enrique Iglesias…I turned off my computer and decided not to cry anymore… I then took out my novel and finished off reading one book and then realized that I didn’t know what the story was… I read it all over again…

Heart breaks are bad… it has that pain where your legs feels so heavy to move and your eyes are profound too… you don’t feel like talking to anyone… loud music are your best friends then with lots food with calories… I must’ve put on weight that day just because of a foolish reason… Reason for  my heartbreak was lame… it was lame of me… I had cried all day long and got those puffy eyes and that red face and those extra calories just because the guy I liked didn’t like me!!! ahhhh!!! I feel like a fool now… and after that one day I decided about a CASUAL RELATIONSHIP… where no promises… no tears… no more extra calories… no more dreaming… just me and a guy who would be there for fun…

Heartbreaks actually gives you a particular pain… at the back of your heart there is a pinch every time you see that love of yours… every time they are near you, your heart beats faster than a train… your eyes look at them but not directly, you involve yourself in activities you never enjoyed… you like things you never liked… life is miserable after a heart break… and any new relationship after a heart break is just to get out that man out of your heart and mind whom you loved a lot… but in my case it was my fault because I liked someone who never said that he liked me or not… and hence I just consoled my mind rather my heart…

Obviously I won’t get hold of another man just to forget this man because I know even if I have another man in my life now I would do injustice to him… and hence now it’s ME, my books, my blogs, my music and my food!!! One message a day is a good deal… planning to implement this let’s see how it works!!! No more heart breaks now, can’t see those puffy eyes any more… hate those puffy eyes… it makes me look weird and funny… so now i am  ending this post and wishing that the puffy eyes wont be puffy again and i wont need the Chips+ Pepsi +Ice creams+Chocolates combination again!!!


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