Giving Up is LAME!!!

When my mom makes my favorite fish or sweets, no matter what I would never give that up… I would never give up the chance of reading a new novel, I would never give up the time I get for some extra sleeping, and I would never give up when it comes to write a blog… it’s not only me but any person wouldn’t give up on things that is really one of their favorites…

A writer will never give up writing; a singer would never give up singing… the same way we don’t give up on small things like our favorite food, music, hobby, movie and whatever!!! Why do we then give up on something called as LOVE??? We love someone a lot and the moment we realize that, that someone is just scared of accepting the fact, we GIVE UP!!!

A boy loves a girl for example but can’t tell her about his feelings or take her out on a date, maybe because he is very busy or maybe because he is just scared of being in a relationship… well in this case the girl might also love the guy a lot but she thinks that even after giving him so many hints about her own feelings if he is not responding then it’s better that she should stop thinking about him as a lover… now my question to this is WHY?? Why to give up your feelings??? You love him, keep loving him… you want to date him, keep that in mind and keep thinking about him!!! Just because the guy doesn’t likes her or is scared to say that he likes her, the girl can’t just GIVE UP, can she?

Well we human usually give up when we think something is out of reach or IMPOSSIBLE… I just believe in the famous saying: “IMPOSSIBLE says I M POSSIBLE”… I know it’s very easy to say that never give up, but can’t we just try not to give up… I am not saying that be a pain in someone’s life, if someone doesn’t love you; no don’t do that, because SELF- RESPECT is also necessary but if you know that the guy is just not saying anything or asking you out on a date because back in his mind he might be scared of getting hurt or is just simply scared, then why give up? We human our undoubtedly weak hearted people… we give up easily… not only in the matter of LOVE but also in other important things like WORK!!!

One harsh word from your supervisor; and down goes your confidence… I am the biggest example of giving up things… I can never give up food and chocolates and music and writing and reading but I can give up my confidence in seconds… there was a time, when just one ruthless word against me and my tears would start flowing by… stopping those tears is something that I can’t give up… I’ve always believed that CRYING is my birth right… I used to cry for small things… and as and when I grew up my tears was for bigger things… I used to cry because I am FAT but never thought of giving up chocolates… I used to cry because I was finding it difficult to work in a recruitment firm but never thought that why am I bad?

Well going back to the topic GIVING UP ON LOVE, it is completely lame!!! I am not saying that start STALKING your love interest but at least don’t give up so soon… give it a try… maybe someday He might confess his feelings and that day would be your victory… So on an ending note, would just like to tell all the girls and if any guy reading this, then them as well: that don’t give up on love… go fight for it, face it, confess your feelings… a thing done by true heart won’t go WASTE… it would be instead an effort that would be noticed… one day HE will ask for a date for sure… you just need to keep your patience… one day HE will come to you and if HE doesn’t, then all of you know right : “there are other fishes in the pond!!!” 😉


2 thoughts on “Giving Up is LAME!!!

  1. I love this word “Don’t give up!!”
    when I met my beba zmija, I never give up, even now~^^
    So I become strong and strong, day by day…
    For our love and life, we need to fight~~


  2. Don’t know about my love interests but this has definitely inspired me not to give up on my cost accounting exam scheduled on Sunday 🙂
    I was wondering how I would make tenders and contract cost sheets in a week which all the commerce students have studied for years… But I will not give up 🙂 Thanks Ashmita!!!


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