K-I-S-S: It’s all about L-O-V-E

First kiss is something that leaves an impact on a person… I have read many love stories and I have understood that first kiss leaves an impact on you no matter what!!! It might be the best one or the worst one but it does leaves an impact on you…

A girl who reads love stories and has grown up watching romantic movies obviously has high hopes from her First Kiss… not her fault is it??? I wonder at times do guys feel the same way about their first kiss… I mean a girl would always remember her first kiss and will cherish the moment… but is it the same with boys???

Would they remember their First Kiss??? Well maybe some boys will while some won’t…  end of the day its all about LOVE and not Kiss and other things… it all depends on do you love the eprson you have kissed??? People at times kiss people whom they don’t even care about but that kiss is of no use…

a kiss shouldn’t make you repent later… eyes of both the people who are kissing close in harmony and then begins the ultimate moment of love… if one can’t feel the kiss then usually what I’ve noticed in movies are that their eyes don’t close… also seen in a movie that if it’s real love and if they are kissing then the girl’s one leg pop up while kissing…

well its not about where you kiss your loved one, it has to be special whether its on a date in a restaurant, beach, theater, road anywhere…

It won’t be romantic to kiss someone without feeling the every moment of the kiss… it should be from the heart… it should be something that can be thought of even after years… it should be so pure that the moment you close your eyes thinking about the kiss you could recollect the exact moment you then felt…

well the best kiss i have ever seen is in the movie ‘P.S. I Love You‘ where Gerard Butler kisses Hillary Swank for the first time in the movie… and he says, “kissing is not a boy’s job but a man’s job”… everytime i watch that movie and reach the kiss scene my heart starts beating and i start feeling as if i am going to be kissed…  lolzzz… but seriously the feeling of being kissed can give goosebumps to anyone in the world… and one will never forget their first kiss..

Well many people reading my blogs regularly must be feeling: what has happened to me today??? Well I would just say that I am in a good mood and maybe that’s the reason finally I am back on my genre of writing that’s about LOVE!!!


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