Don’t Forget What You Say!!!


Keeping all the text messages by a person in your mobile phone sounds insane, doesn’t it??? But then its all about a person’s feelings… at times it might feel good to just read the messages sent by a person… you could actually see yourself smile like a fool…

Well people might think that you are a fool because you smiling like an insane…  well at times we might laugh on ourselves when we realise that we were smiling in front of a mobile phone… well I do keep messages of people who are really close to me… and I do read those messages when I am really missing those people….

Today I was just reading a message of a friend who had replied to one of the ‘Question Messages’ of mine as : “Please never ever forget me!!!” I found myself laughing on this message as I actually found it ironical… I wouldn’t like to give nay explaination to this statement of mine…

Well I am going to go to sleep now though I am not too sleepy now anyways I will write a few blogs tomorrow as well, as its my weekly off tomorrow… also will be reading my novel…

Too scared because I am too happy and as we all know that happiness doesn’t stay for long…


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