Insult, Injury, Etc
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There is something that I cant bear…  and that is simply INSULT… when a person expects complete RESPECT from me then that is what I expect as well… people usually consider me as the quiet one and the one who is a GOOD GIRL… but as I always say joking is all fun to a limit… when it’s the matter of one’s SELF-RESPECT its not acceptable…

I can’t be very good when it comes to my self-respect… when I never insult anyone no one has the DAMN RIGHT TO INSULT ME IN FRONT OF “OTHERS”… it would have been all ok if it was all in FUN… but no it was not all FUN… it was obviously not in a light mood…

Well it really doenst matter to me to just ignore a person as I am an exoert in doing this… and this person is not even a FRIEND… HE is just some colleague…  welli am irritated a lot… I am so damn iriitated that I have listened to songs all the time and have scribbled down many papers…. Have cried and this is worse this time…


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