The Frustration now Erupts…

Love is being stupid together
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a guy recently asked me out… he is a nice friend of mine and hence i just told him frankly that, “dear, i am so sorry but i don’t like you more than a friend…” and the guy text-ed me back saying, “thanks a lot for giving me high hopes…” by this text message he has tried to show that he is the Mr. Bechaara here and i am the culprit…

well i like a guy but though i am getting no response from him which actually means that he doesn’t considers me more than a friend still i am good friends with him.. so me saying the same thing to someone makes me bad…

i feel  like i have hurt someone’s feelings but just because of two to three sweet smiles from me to him and a few text messages that also forwarded doesn’t mean i like him… no doubts that he is a nice guy and a total boyfriend material but he is too good for me…

what i don’t understand here is why is it that whatever i do is wrong??? me liking a guy is WRONG!!! me not liking a guy is WRONG!!! me eating sweets is WRONG!!! me not talking a lot is WRONG!!! me talking to a few people a lot is WRONG!!! me having BIG EYES is WRONG as people think i have an ATTITUDE PROBLEM… me smiling is WRONG!!! me advising something to someone is WRONG!!! me loving a person a lot is WRONG and even the worse me crying is WRONG!!!

if me doing everything is wrong then people who think so should just tell me on my face that don’t talk to us… or rather i should take this decision whom to talk and whom not to talk… some people also think me blogging about every petty thing is WRONG… people usually have problem in everything i don’t do according to them… which itself is WRONG!!!

people who have problems in everything i do are simply no one to run my life… i will do whatever i want to.. i will eat whatever i feel like…  i will walk the way i want to… i will speak the way i want to… i will yell on the top of my voice when i am angry… i will cry like a baby when i am sad… i will blog on whatever i feel like… i will have crush on a guy whoever i like… i will like the person till the time i want to… i will love the person whom i still love for the rest of my life… guys who have a problem with all this please back off!!!

this post is out of utmost frustration and anger… and i hope people who knows me well would know why i have written this blog… it is completely OK if i don’t want to go out with a guy who has asked me out just because he is a friend since 1 week doesn’t mean that i have to say yes… i do like a guy and it is completely OK if he doesn’t likes me… it is completely a decision by two people..

the way i have now accepted that the guy i like doesn’t likes me the same way the new guy should understand that i don’t like him…  but being friends with a person who has no attraction for you is no harm… i am friends with the person whom i like… well i know this might be confusing… but the guy i like is the guy whom i have been dedicating all the blogs since quite some days now.. and he will understand when he reads it… he is smart enough to understand things… and the new guy is someone who really doesn’t matter in my life… not anymore!!!!


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