The Ultimate Sin!!!

Donuts are delicious

The hot melting chocolate and the soft bread of the donut made me feel crave for more… the sweet smell made me crazy… the moment I bought it close to my lips and my nose first smelt it and then my lips parted and took a nice generous bite of the donut and yummy it was heaven…. Chocolate was all over my lips and the first reaction after I could taste it was; “hmmm” it was simply a sin…

I could have kept on eating it till the time M.O.D. weren’t out of stock… I was totally appalled and was totally mesmerized… the taste of chocolate and the way it fell everywhere was magical…

It was the best donut I have ever had… the name of the donut was ‘Double Trouble’ there was a donut bread with melting and hot chocolate spilt over it and when I took a bite there were more chocolate inside it… god I can keep on eating it…

If my mom and brother wouldn’t have been with me yesterday at M.O.D., I would have kept on eating it… people say I can be a small baby when it comes to chocolates but when I was eating the donut I was sure that I was acting like a small baby… my lips were covered with the melted chocolate… usually I am satisfied when I eat chocolates but yesterday was different… I was carried away… I can spend my life eating more and more of those donuts…

Hmmm I am just losing my mind now… it hypnotized me totally… I am in love with those donuts and would love the guy more who would let me have it more and more… I have decided a place for my first date… it now has to be M.O.D. if ever I get a guy who would ask me where do you want to go out for a date I would say M.O.D.


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