A Dream Tattoo…

Having a tattoo of The Ram has always been a dream of mine… I am the first sign of the zodiac chart… I mean the Aries; I am in love with the symbol of my zodiac sign… I am fascinated by the symbol… the two curly horns of the ram makes me know more about my own sun sign…  I am fascinated by the ram, the Aries symbol and the features of an Aries…

I asked my mom if I can have tattoo on my body and I simply got a look which clearly meant, “Make a tattoo and leave the house…” lolzzz… for now I have kept the thought of a tattoo aside but still get fascinated whenever I hear people talking about tattoos … the picture above is something I would love to do on me… but the moment I do that my mom will pack all my clothes, my certificates, my documents, my debit cards and will simply tell me, ”Get out!!!”

A friend of mine told me once, “Why are you still asking for permissions from your mom before going out with friends or drinking beer??? Cant you take your own decision?” and I simply told him, “I still respect my mom… being 21 doesn’t mean that I can take my own decisions… I still live with my mom and love her a lot and she has all the right to take any decision for me…” anyways my mom would simply say, “OK…” if I keep on asking her several times but then that yes won’t be a yes from the heart… Let’s wait for that yess… till then I would just think that god is giving me more time to decide what design I want for the actual tattoo…

I know it would pain like hell… but many pleasure comes after lots of pain… I am ok with the pain and will handle and control myself for a tattoo I’ve always wanted… let’s see if I ever get the dream tattoo…


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