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At times what we need is not the MUTE MODE from a person but words… I know every person is busy and when there is no commitment there is nothing… but I think a few words of LOVE works when someone whom you know is upset…

A few questions should be asked, some soothing words should be given, so words of love must be shared, or at least the feeling that you are there with them should be made felt… again as I said earlier I know that people do get busy and no one expects anyone to remember them 24 X 7 but at least when the other one is upset or is shedding tears or is going through a bad time…

When someone very close to me does that to me I don’t feel angry but feel worse… a friend of mine had once told me, “Ashmita please never expect anything from someone who really doesn’t care about you…” well maybe he was right… maybe I really do expect a lot… its just that I am an emotional fool…

Well I am in no mood today to write more… I know it’s rare for me not to write but maybe if I write more, the deeper thoughts would be out and that would make me weak and I’ll have to shed more tears…

Not that I shed tears for anyone…. don’t want to give any wrong signals to anyone but the tears shed that I just wrote about was for some reason and the blog is for some other reason…..

Whatever!!! I have decided to keep my distance in everything and from everyone from now on… that will keep me happier…

P.S.: It ‘s even worse when someone who really doesn’t matter to you asks you the reason for you being upset and tries to show that care for you that should be shown by someone else…

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