No Glimpse Now!!!


When you like a person and you have the hope that you can see him while you having your lunch in your office or while just going on some floor or in the lift or somewhere… at least there is that assurance that HE is there in the same building where you work or where you stay or where you study… but when you know that the person is about to leave soon… and wont be in the same place where you are, it is very heartrending!!!

The worst part in this situation is when the fact that your loved one is leaving is told to you by some XYZ person and not your loved one!!! You actually become numb and don’t know how to react…

There is this person who is leaving from the place where I work and I am happy that he is, because the branch where he is going to would be more convenient for him to travel but knowing this from someone else is a bit irritating… the funniest part is when HE was in the same location as mine we hardly met and now when he is going to the other part of the city it is almost impossible for us to meet…

Well I don’t know how to react because I don’t want to be upset but somehow I do feel bad because earlier just a glimpse of his was enough and soothing but now that’s not possible!!! Anyways… whatever happens happens for the best…!!!

I have to go now and get ready for my gym and work… will write some other blog soon…

till then people keep blogging!!! keep reading!!!



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