7 Ways To Snap Out of Heart Break

"When a relationship dies do we ever really give up the ghost or are we forever haunted by the spirits of relationships past?" -Sex and The City Every now and then, I have been covering this topic from a different perspective. This time I am going to cover it from a personal perspective – Things… Continue reading 7 Ways To Snap Out of Heart Break


Break Up: It’s Your FAULT

  Blame Game is the most widely played game across the world. In school when teacher asked: “Who threw the paper?” They said: “It’s your fault!” In college when parents asked: “Who asked you to go out with such friends?” They themselves said: “It’s your fault!” At work when Manager asked: “Whom should I blame… Continue reading Break Up: It’s Your FAULT


Expectations hits you hard…

At times what we need is not the MUTE MODE from a person but words… I know every person is busy and when there is no commitment there is nothing… but I think a few words of LOVE works when someone whom you know is upset… A few questions should be asked, some soothing words… Continue reading Expectations hits you hard…