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A mother holds up her child.
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When I blog about everything and anything then I should and have to blog on the occasion of Mother’s day!!! Everyone loves their mom and there is no second thought about it, is there? The same way every mom loves their children irrespective of whether it’s a girl child or boy!!! We never give importance to what our moms’ say; which is wrong, b’cuz no matter what but they are generally right…


My world started because of my mother and I am thankful to her to bring me up elegantly… well about my mom, she is the prettiest mom ever… she has the best skin, the best hair and the best body… 😉 she knows in an instant whether I am indulged into something bad or when I am sad or when I am lying…


She is the strongest lady on the earth… she took care of me and my brother being a single woman… she works, she cooks the most delicious meal, she is fun loving, she can be the teacher at times and the best friend sometime…


She always asks me, “Why don’t you have a boyfriend?” well she has given me  the liberty to live my life the way I want to but yesss there are a few limitations that I have to take care of…


She never fumbles while talking about things that usually moms never talk to their little daughters. She has been our daddy when she had to and been our mom when required…


Strongest of all, sweetest of all, loved by all and loves all!!!


That’s my mom- the perfect mom ever… in case she reads this I just want to tell her sorry for all the wrong that I have done and sorry for all the time I have been rude to her or disobeyed her…


Thanks for being my best friend, my father and my mother!!! Love you a lot…


Well Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the world… I love you all…… and trust me all the moms are indeed perfect!!!


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