1 Message Received!!!

Texting on a keyboard phone
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Just one text message from the one you like can leap your heart out… the moment you are down and all you want to do is cry, cry and cry and just then beeps goes your mobile and what you see is that name that brings smile on your face… that feeling is indeed the best one… at least for me… your face lightens up and the tears fade away with just a few traces of it but a big smile on your face and your eyes sparkling up and your cheeks all blushed…

One text message from that special person, praising you or using some love words for you can make your simple going day the best one ever… imagine you at work and your mobile phone is to be kept switched off. The moment you switch it on and you see that, that person has messaged you asking about your day or just a simple forwarded message…

A message is most required when you are tired and you are worn out at the end of the day and then if that someone sends you 1 Text Message that would be the stress reliever for you…


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