Answer to the unanswered!!!

Infatuation and Love are misunderstood by people as the same… well these two are entirely two different things… people do get confused when it is infatuation and they think its love and they just give their selves totally to the person and then after some months or years they realize it was never love but just infatuation…

Infatuation is more effective on a person than love… I don’t know the reason to this but I am so sure there is a reason to it…

I know people who say they are in love in just two or three days after they meet a person… maybe it is love… but according to me it is just infatuation…

I am not saying that I have never had infatuations but yes more than infatuation it was attraction!!! I usually get attracted to the language of a person… I am attracted to a person’s way of communicating and English!!!

Apart from this, what really attracts me, are the eyes of a person… once a person asked me what is that I look in for a guy??? Then, I had no reply, so I just said that it’s the way he would behave with my mom and brother… but later realized that, that it’s again an expectation… but what would really attract me to a guy are the eyes of a person. The way the guy would look at me…the way he would talk with his eyes… the way his stare would work on me; in such a way that I would feel all shy or maybe would just feel more secured…

Eyes of a person would totally decide whether it is infatuation or love!!! I was very bad in deciding what is love and what is infatuation… but now I have understood that I would consider everything as just Infatuation… because if it were love then the destiny would let me know about it by the signs… well it all depends on how things work… well I would like to thank the person who asked me the question about what would I see in a guy. I would thank him as because of him I finally figured out what would attract me to a guy…

This blog is just to say thanks to that person…

Keep blogging, reading and enjoy!!!


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