Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The day of love is just a few weeks away.

Gifting on Valentine’s is a ritual. Girls do put in a lot of thought into. It’s time to share this post with your boyfriends, so that they know what girls want.

I had given up on this day when I was 14, but I know, I am looking for some real relationship now that I am 28.

Being 28 and chasing 29 makes me wonder if I still would be happy with the stereotypical gifts?

Here’s a list of gifts/gestures your girlfriend will love if she is my age and a bore as me:

1. Go for perfume instead of flowers. At 28-29, our hormones go haywire, meaning we sweat. We love to smell sweet. The roses will be of no use and we don’t even keep a diary to save a rose, just gift us a great perfume.

2. Chocolates: This one can never go old. Chocolates are still something women my age would love. Depending on what’s her choice of chocolate. I love dark..!

3. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed. Let’s talk real, here. We are in our late 20s and early 30s, we are really not that active as we used to be 10 years from now. All the three meals in the bed is not just sexy but convenient too.

4. Oral: Let’s just say, every time we make love, we don’t cum. We do need you to go down on us and make us as happy as you are.

5. Delivering gifts at work. At this age, we are in for no fun business. We do want a committed relationship and you surprising her with gifts or chocolate bouquet at her workplace will make her feel special.

6. Dress well. Okay men! There are days when we shave ourselces everywhere just to meet you. It is absolutely expected out of you to groom that sexy beard of yours. We’d love to show off our man in public. Look dapper.

These things would make me and a lot of women I know, very happy.

Men, this valentine’s let’s do something for them.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself!


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