She wore her new dress.

She shaved herself – top to bottom. She wore an expensive perfume. She packed her bag. She looked at the final time at herself in the mirror and sent a text to him – ‘It’s 7. Where have you reached?’

She waited for a text and sat on the bed. It was 30 minutes, since the last last text she sent. Anxiety was hitting her by now. There was no response from him.

She was 20. She felt ready. She was ready to lose her virginity to the one man she loved, then.

She looked at the time and opened her hair. Her make up started to wear off. It was 10. There was still no response from him. She had booked the hotel room. She had done ample of research on making love. She started feeling a little humiliated by now.

Her mom asked her when will her friends pick her up. She lied to her mom, obviously. She took off her dress. She knew she was stood up by the only man she trusted and loved for the last two years.

She couldn’t cry infront of her mom. She excused herself to the washroom and she cried her heart out. She came out and pretended that she took a shower and her eyes were red due to the shampoo.

She looked at her phone, still no reply from him.

She never knew what happened that day. She didn’t speak to him for quite some time. It is 8 years now to that incident and she still wants to know, but she feels, if she asked him, he’d leave again, like before.

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