All about the weight |A to Z Challenge – Day 1

Day 1 | Letter: A

“Aren’t you too fat for a girl who is just 28?” People asked Maya this question, every time they saw her. Maya wasn’t the happiest soul on the planet, but one thing she didn’t care about was her weight, unless someone else commented on it.

A guy, she had a crush on for more than a year, spoke to her one fine day and said, “You are so pretty, all you need to do is shed some weight.” Maya cursed herself and smiled and said, “Well aware of it. I am trying my level best.” He smiled and left and she wondered about her weight.

She googled everything about losing weight and started a new diet. She lost 7 Kgs in 7 Weeks. She was pretty impressed with herself. She looked at herself in the mirror and told herself, “Another 20 Kgs and he would love you, won’t he.”

She met him and he noticed the weight loss and smiled and said, “I love the fact that you took my advice to look pretty.” ‘TO LOOK PRETTY’, she repeated in her head. She was upset the whole day because she thought, he felt she is pretty but weight is the only obstacle.

She went back home and looked at herself and wondered, “Am I happy, cutting down the carbs by force?” Popping in the diet pills, she woke up the next morning and told herself, ‘I will not lose weight because he wants me to. I will lose weight because I want to.’

She flushed the pills down the drain. She knew one thing for sure that, anything in the chemical form to cut down her appetite isn’t healthy. She started eating healthy and treated herself with carbs, once in every two weeks.

6 months passed by and the guy saw her wearing a blue dress that hugged her body and showed the curves. He said, “How about we start dating?” She asked, “Is that because I am pretty now or is it because I am LESS FAT?” He looked at her, startled, “Did you ever feel that I body shamed you?” She laughed and said, “All the time. It was always about the weight, wasn’t it? Maybe I am more ‘attractive’ now, because I have a comparatively petite figure. It could also be that, I am more presentable now, that I am ‘well-shaped’.” He was confused and tried to tell her that he never meant to body shame her and Maya said, “No one tries to body shame someone on purpose. It always is an advice from some stranger. However, I can see myself in the mirror, always. I know now and knew back then, what was my body like.”

Maya smiled at him and said, “I must thank you for making me realize that I shouldn’t do something just because the other person said it.” She walked away, happier and treated herself with 6 chocolate donuts.

Is it always about the weight? In this world today, why don’t we appreciate someone for the person they are?

This blog post is a part of the A-z challenge. Thank you for being a part of the reading spree and I hope to see you all for the remaining days and beyond. Do leave your blog’s link below in comments and I will definitely peek into your blogging world.



15 thoughts on “All about the weight |A to Z Challenge – Day 1

  1. My favorite part is the 6 chocolate donuts!
    It’s true tho’, that men rarely see what they’re actually saying when they make this sort of comment.
    Which is tiresome, to say the least.

    Happy A-Z’ing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. More often than not it’s the appearance that people go for and start their judgemental dialogues.

    This is indeed a nice post.

    P.S. I have read a few of your posts. You were amazingly well. Though you stopped midway, I mean the challenge, I hope that you will get back to writing as soon as possible.

    Take care. And keep writing. 😊


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