Bookish Love|A to Z Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 | Letter: B

Shyama was just an ordinary girl who loved her job, family, friends and books. She was the kinds who ‘believed’ in books. She swore by them.

She was 5, when she first fell in love with her first book – The Little Woman. This was the start of her reading craze. Shyama read a lot of books. Her favorite places were book stores, library and a quiet corner of her house.

As and when time passed, she met a guy at work, he wooed her and made her fall in love. Little did he know he was falling in love with an excessive ‘love story’ reader. The relationship went on for a few months with no problems, until one day, when Shyama asked him, “what happens if we have a fight?” He looked at her, in sheer confusion. She rephrased, “What if we have a fight, a huge one? How will you react?” He said, “if it is my fault, I will say sorry and make it up to you. If it is your fault, I would expect you to do the same.” Shyama looked at him and said nothing. She expected a fairy tale reply to her question.

On their first courtship anniversary, Shyama was all excited and met the guy, who was excited too, but Shyama looked at him in disappointment. She expected a grand surprise, dinner, gifts, maybe a small vacation; while he was there with a rose and chocolate. Their relationship took a weird turn amidst of all the bookish expectations Shyama had.

She did believe in fairy tales. She believed that there is a ‘Knight in Shining Armor’, somewhere for her. She knew that her love story wasn’t the love story she would love to read, unless things change for the good.

The guy couldn’t cope up with her expectations and they both called it off. Shyama was heartbroken for days until she asked herself, “Am I wrong in expecting a fairy tale love story?” Her inner-self told her, “You deserve and will get a Knight In Shining Armor, but not to take care of you. That has to be you. You have to love yourself so much that your Prince Charming would find his way to come and find you. But until then, be your own Knight, create your own Bookish Love.

A talk with her inner-self made Shyama realize that she has been compromising with things in life. She realized that she has to create something of her own, her own love story.

She is now a blogger, who is creating love, every time she writes and is definite that her Prince Charming is out there, reading her blog, sometimes about him.

This blog post is a part of the A-z challenge. Thank you for being a part of the reading spree and I hope to see you all for the remaining days and beyond. Do leave your blog’s link below in comments and I will definitely peek into your blogging world.

Keep Reading! Keep Writing! Love Thyself!



15 thoughts on “Bookish Love|A to Z Challenge – Day 2

  1. I know what you mean by being your own knight. Bookish or filmy love is draining on any real relationship. This is a reality which we need to realise sometimes through experience but however I dont believe in complete practicality either. There are guys out there who like to make grand gestures too. I guess the idea is to have balance.

    I would suggest you to however change your theme with a lighter background for easier reading.

    Bodylicious @NamySaysSo

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  2. Sometimes getting caught up in the fairy-tale romance of things is so easy to do but placing those expectations on real relationships can be so damaging. Great little story!

    Liked by 1 person

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