Things To Do When You Over Think

Recently, I have come across the ‘feeling trapped in your own thoughts’ situations a lot. The shorter term could be ‘Over thinking’. Being an expert in the area of my own mind, I know what suits me when I start over thinking and trust me I am going to cut down on the B.S. of ‘Breathe In and Breathe Out’ because that stuff never helps me.

I hope these ideas help you too. Post your ideas in the comments section below.

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Let’s dive into the topic –

3 Things To Do When You Over Think

  1. Talk it out Loud:

Are you over thinking while you are at the washroom taking the shit down for the whole day? Or are you over thinking while reading this blog post? No matter where you are – just say it out ALOUD and talk to yourself.

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When I do this, it personally helps because I know instantly if I am over thinking in the right way or no. When you say it out aloud to yourself, you are able to hear yourself and you exactly know where you are coming from.

Sometimes, talking to a friend and family member also helps but first talk to yourself, it will relax you.

  1. Snap out of it:

Easier said than done! This is the most difficult one, because it is very simple for me to tell you from here to snap out of it, but the one who goes through it really knows it isn’t easy to snap out of over thinking.

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When I tend to start over thinking and talking to myself also doesn’t help, I literally snap. I don’t say ‘Snap Out’ I actually snap my fingers in front of my eyes. I blink and I tell myself to not over think about the certain situation.

  1. Dreamagination:

I and my BFF had come up with this term while we were in college. This term literally means – Dream + Imagination. I am really not sure if I had written on this earlier. At times, you start imagining or visualizing a certain thing (usually good) so strongly that you continue the imagination in your dream too. I am sure this term would have some fancy scientific name, if there is, please literate me in the comment section below.

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Anyway, when I am over thinking about a situation which is really negative, I start dreamagining my regular dreamagination story and tend to fall asleep. Believe me guys this visualization sort of thing is much, much better and peaceful than the regular ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’.

I tend to do these things when I start over thinking about a certain situation in my life and these control my feelings. I am sure there are people who really love the breathing in and out process and it might really work for them, but for me they tend to give more space to my over thinking ability.

Again, do what suits you the best and what you are sure about. Always remember, you are great the way you are and don’t let anyone put you down.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Yourself!

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