How to be good to Unemployed and Broke Folks?

Being unemployed and broke is the worst thing ever. A person being unemployed is fun if it is by choice and there’s loads of savings in the bank to support yourself for another year. However, if the scene is a little tweaked and you are unemployed by choice but no money in bank, ahhh that’s hell.

Because I had the honour of being unemployed not by choice and having almost Zero savings, I am certified to talk about this topic.
If you have a friend, family member, lover or anyone around who is unemployed and broke, these are the things you should never say to them.
  1. Where’s the party:
Let it be New Year, Birthday, Anniversaries or anything; do not ask for a party. The person might end up using their credit card to entertain you rather than telling you they are broke and can’t afford a treat.
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  1. Can I help you:
You are the best person to offer help and maybe your partner, friend; family or whoever is broke and unemployed would really need it, but every time you’d ask a question: “Can I help you with money?” they’ll feel emotionally broken.
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  1. Job Advice:
Advices are good and really the best we can do when we see someone in trouble, but at times we need to stop being ‘ourselves’ and stop being blunt to those who really do not want to hear the advices at the wrong hours.
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These were the few things one should never tell an unemployed broke person, because trust me – they’d be back on track in no time. Let them realise it on their own. If you have things that one should never say to an unemployed, broke person – please comment below.
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