Girl-O-Pedia: Mood Swings | Ours or Yours?

Women are known to have a lot of mood swings. If a girl is angry – it is ASSUMED that she is going through her menstrual cycle and her hormones are acting up. It is never the fault of any other person around the girl – it is just that her ‘hormones are everywhere’. Well yeah our hormones are every, so much that it jumps from us to the person along with us; and they also start acting up – LIKE WOMEN.

Men have worse mood swings. They don’t even have the reason of Periods for their mood swings. Their mood swings vary from: Lack of Sleep to Too much work.

Here are some things a girl thinks of, when the guy gives the following reasons for his mood swing:

  1. “Didn’t sleep much, baby”: When a guy doesn’t sleep much, they have mood swings, a girl thinks, “First of all, your last seen was visible baby, so yeah you were probably online for quite some time. Science says, being on the phone for too late in the night messes with your sleep schedule. Also, the harmful rays from your mobile keeps you attracted to bad dreams.”
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  1. “I am sleepy”: When a guy mentions how sleepy he is, a girl would react, “I know, it is because of the above things I told you. Also, for me you are making up a story and I feel you are sleepy because you don’t want to go out with me on a Saturday. And hey, don’t blame me for thinking all these things; it is nothing but Root Cause Analysis on the basis of your past behavior.”
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  1. “India lost the match”: When the guy says their favorite team lost the match, we react in such a way, “Oh yeah? And that’s why you have a change in your mood? Makes sense. Cricket is the religion, half of our country men follow and yes it is a valid reason for your mood change. Next time, when I am upset because Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had a fight, don’t you dare tell me that, this isn’t a reason to be upset!
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  1. “Petrol charges have gone up”: In India, the petrol charges go up and of course the other rates also keep on rising. When guys give the economic condition of the country as the reason behind his mood swing, we got to stand up for ourselves and say, “The taxes, gas prices and other prices goes up for you and me. If the petrol charges have gone up for you, the charges for the vegetables and the pulses have gone up for me too. So I am supposed to be as upset as you are, but I am here all ready for you so that we can go and help the government a little more by paying more taxes in the high-end restaurant. But no! I am the dumb-head here

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I don’t understand why we are called the queen of Mood Swings when the maximum times our mood swings depends on their mood swings.

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