Track Tales

We all use some kind of public transport, every now and then. Along with us there are few other people too, who use the public mode of transport. In Mumbai, the most convenient mode of transport is Local Trains. In the peak hours they are crowded and chaotic. I travel in the ladies compartment and board the train from a station called ‘Bhayander’. The train I board has more than 75 ladies in one compartment. Huge number, isn’t it? The struggle, the crowd, the accomplishment of getting a seat is really too much.

Mumbai is the city of dreams and obviously there are so many people who are working hard towards achieving their dreams. This city has a lot to give to its patrons. This city gives you freedom, independence, love and more.

Track Tales is a new series by Chaoticsoulzzz. This series will be having 10 short stories of 10 different women. However, these stories will be purely fictitious. I will look at one character from the train that I travel in, and think about what could be their story. After I almost figure out their story I will put it across on my blog with names changed (of course). These stories may have some adult content too, so if you’re not 18+ please do not follow this series.

Track Tales means all the Tales from the tracks, directly. This series is started to make sure we bring the problems and strength of all women in front of the world. These problems would mostly be revolving around – Relationships of all sorts!

Please show some love to Chaoticsoulzzz’s Track Tales and share it, if you think this could be your story or story of someone who you know.

Also, Chaoticsoulzzz is a big fan of IISuperwomanII and we completely support the #GirlLove initiative by Lilly Singh. This series of Local Train Diaries is totally dedicated to all the Girls. It’s time change ME to WE.

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