20 Shades of Chaotic Soul

How funny is it to write down things about you or an entity of yours. Chaotic Soul has been mine for over 3 years now and it is the best thing that has happened to me.  Several people have come and gone, but Chaotic Soul has always been with me.

At times, people ask me if I am different then Chaotic Soul, and I say No! It is me. I am Chaotic Soul and Chaotic Soul is Ashmita. But then when I sit to analyze things, I realize Chaotic Soul is not me at all.

So here’s ’20 Shades of Chaotic Soul’ for all you New Readers:

  1. Chaotic Soul is positive about things that she sees. She finds positivity in anything that would be super-duper negative for you and me.
  2. Chaotic Soul is creative and makes sure her feelings and portrayed in creative words.
  3. Chaotic Soul is loyal to everyone around her.
  4. Chaotic Soul mocks everything, even her own feelings.
  5. Chaotic Soul doesn’t cry but swears.
  6. Chaotic Soul has an eye for Art.
  7. Chaotic Soul loves to read other Souls on the Internet.
  8. Chaotic Soul is appreciative of fellow Souls.
  9. Chaotic Soul is proud to be a Chaotic Soul.
  10. Chaotic Soul loves to spend hours in front of her Laptop.
  11. Chaotic Soul never curses someone.
  12. Chaotic Soul loves only one person – That’s YOU!
  13. Chaotic Soul responds to all the comments and emails.
  14. Chaotic Soul dreams big.
  15. Chaotic Soul believes in the chaos in the soul.
  16. Chaotic Soul is a Unicorn.
  17. Chaotic Soul loves reading comments and emails from people all around the world.
  18. Chaotic Soul loves to travel.
  19. Chaotic Soul loves to be in the company of people who have like minds.
  20. Chaotic Soul can never leave Ashmita.

This is the 20 Shades of Chaotic Soul for all the new readers, who have stumbled upon this blog for the first time. Happy Reading Guys!!!

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