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At the age of 24 I am  a Team Leader and 99% people in my team are older than me. I have 1 female member under me, which means, I have 9 male members in my team. I am at the peak of my career and all I care for now is a stable future. I do have a guy in my life, who is from the same company but not the same process. I have been mentioning about him in some posts, posted earlier, this year. Confused Soul is not my mother’s choice. She detests my choice and also told me, I will not accept your relation with him.

At the age of 24 where my career is at its own peak and I might do wonders, who thinks of marriage. I can hear the wedding bells around me. But I getting married to Confused Soul or anyone is not possible right now.

The other day, I and Confused Soul had gone to the movie theater and were fighting like cats and dogs and people around me were giving me stares, because I was the one who was doing the talking and he was listening. After 5 minutes of argument, he felt the urge to go to the washroom, while I waited there, fiddling with my phone. A Bengali aunty came up to me and greeted me. I had seen her in Pujos. She asked me if that guy was my boyfriend. I smiled and said yes. She started telling me how good her daughter is and has only female friends. She also said her daughter has told her that she will never do love marriage and will never have boyfriends. After a while I saw Confused Soul halt at a distance when he saw the aunty talking with me. I told the Bengali Aunty, “Aunty, your daughter is 14. I am 24. Give her 10 years.” She told me that she trusts her daughter and I shouldn’t be in a relationship with some non-Bengali guy. I had to laugh and say, “Aunty the Bengali guys who would be suitable to date me are already behind some non-Bengali girls.” Finally I had to tell her bye and move on with the movie.

This got me to thinking, how much interference people have in others life. Every time, confused soul comes to pick me up from my house on his bike, I can see people’s eyes leaving me till the end of the road. This gesture is care or a topic for discussion? I am unsure but I am very sure that Indian Society needs to stop the trend of discussing everyone’s story in the social gatherings.

My relationship with this guy is just 5 months old and is pretty new. My best friend ‘S’ doesn’t like him. My friends from office aren’t sure if it’s a correct decision I have made. My mom, as I said earlier detests my choice this time. My brother is not very fond of him. Everyone related to me are sure that I have made the worst decision of all time.

I cannot deny the fact that he is any better than the first guy I used to like (Saath Samundar Paar). But unlike him, this one takes the effort to stay in this relationship. At times, we both get frustrated with each other and don’t talk for a while. Break in every relation is necessary. In the last 5 Months, we have fought and I have got upset a lot of time. He cried, I cried. We got drunk. We met with an accident recently in Goa. He got jealous, so did I. We have seen many things however, there are more to come. I hope this relation with this guy is a little more concrete than the other crushes I have had. It might be the worse decision of all time, but the previous guys’ have also been jerks.

Anyway, I am just ending this post with this video. I am in love with Rihanna these days. And this song seems to be the most played in my playlist.



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