Career??? Marriage??? Family???


Even though your family knows that you are in a serious relationship, they keep forcing you to meet suitable prospects for marriage… where does this happens? Well not sure where all in India this happens, but it definitely happens at my house. For people who haven’t caught up on the recent updates on my life. I am in a relationship with a South Indian Guy. My maternal and paternal families have a culture of marrying people from different caste and communities. I have always loved South Indian for their food. For some reasons, I love the coconut food made by them and always insist my mom to make the South Indian Style Bhindi (Lady Finger) or Fish.

Anyway, my mother was the first one to know about my relationship and like the others her reaction was just the same: “This one will last for how many ‘DAYS’…?” And I was like – Oh Come on! At least months, maybe! Wedding Bells are ringing all over and my Mom is getting crazy with every wedding bell ringing near my house. So my first cousin, D is getting married this June. So my mother has become this huge violent and energetic Motherzilla! She wants me to start meeting Bengali Boys and select one of the best one’s and tie knots and then maybe produce kids.

My mother doesn’t like my guy, very much, though they have never personally met. Imagine my position, my mother wants me to marry some guy of her choice and my guy has proposed to me for marriage. I might just shut both of them and tell them that I plan to not marry at the age of 24 and I would ask for 4 years. In 4 years my guy can try to impress my mom and in 4 years she might start liking him.

Why is it that, we always have to think about others, when we are in a relationship? Or is it that no one does and just me! I love the PDA’s by my guy, but I don’t approve of it at work, or near my house or when we have colleagues around or 100 people looking at us. On the other hand, he is really fond of PDA. He stares right into my eye and gives me a flying kiss at work. He holds my hands every time we are outside work. He winks at me while I am passing his desk.

Anyway, after this really short post on what chaos is on in my life, I would like to say bye and get some sleep. Planning to write something new, this coming weekend! Let’s see what pops my head, any suggestions?



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