Home Alone

I was home alone since yesterday. My mom and brother has gone to visit my grandfather. And they’re visiting is so long that they will return on Saturday night. Obviously this is party time for me. No one around in the house makes me feel like a princess. I haven’t called in any friend, I haven’t spoken on the phone for hours and I haven’t texted someone all night. I have been a good girl actually.


Actually not a good girl. Yesterday, I have slept since the time they left and got up when my maid left. It was almost six  in the evening when I came back to senses and realized I have to lit the diyas and go out shopping for food. The latter part would be interesting, so I had to hurriedly complete the Diwali work and then with my Chappals and pyajama on, I left my house with a big bag.

I am not a good girl, so the first thing I did was bought some Kingfisher beers. Second thing, I bought chicken fries to go along with it. I then stopped by a small shopping center and picked up a few eggs, milk, bread, green chilies, onions, peppers and chicken sausage. I had in mind that I am going to have an omelette for supper. But I didn’t knew what style omelette would I prefer or rather make.


It was already 8 in the night when I reached home. I put on the kitchen lights, tied my hair up, washed my hands and took out my chopping board. I love cooking with no interference. Usually when mom is at home, she tries to help me a lot while I am cooking. And I personally like the kitchen to myself while cooking. So yesterday was quite some experimental cooking for me. Unfortunately, my camera is not with me and mobile phone isn’t working, so I couldn’t take out any pictures of it, but if I happen to do it again, there would be a picture of it for sure.


I like more green chilies in my omelet and hence I had chopped I guess 4-5 of them. After breaking three eggs in  my bowl and whisking them unless there were bubbles, I added the chopped onions, chilies, salt, and the chopped chicken sausage. I took out my mom’s favorite big pan and threw in little oil and let it heat to the core, then just poured my omelet batter into it and waited eager to have it. I sprinkled a bit of freshly grounded pepper and grated my favorite Cheese on it.

While cooking, I kept sipping the beer and finished the chicken fries. By the time my omelette was all set to be served with bread, my beer and chicken were all over. I had a peaceful and simple dinner while watching Grey’s Anatomy.


By the way post is not about the recipe or its no food post, it was just about how can a boring blogger spend her day while she is alone. Today I have to go to work and complete my Certification loan Number 10 and then I would be a CERTIFIED Credit and Income Underwriter! (People in the mortgage industry would know how it is to be an underwriter, I myself don’t know as Mortgage has never been my favorite topic).


P.S.: I took a day off yesterday from work, so that I can spend some quality time with myself.

P.P.S.: I had a real good time with myself.


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