Happy Bhai – Phota

I love eager men. Let that be my guy, my crush or my brother. Well today is no post about my Lover(s). It’s about my brother. Why??? It’s Bhai–Phota, a day other than Raksha Bandhan where brothers are treated royally. My dadu has made something as a family tradition. It is: ‘No matter what the real tradition is, on every Raksha Bandhan and Bhai-phota, the sisters will get gifts and so will the brothers.’ So now it’s a family tradition, where I and my brother have to gift each other. No gender discrimination as they say…


Technically, it’s a new day and I am supposed to wake up and get ready and do Phota to my brother, but in reality, I came from work just an hour ago, I guess. And I am now going to get ready and then wake my brother up and then do Phota to him and exchange gifts. He gave me standing instructions: “Didi, please for God’s Sake, don’t buy me a T-shirt, jeans, mug, chocolates or any other thing that you think I would like. Please give me the cash that you were about to spend. I will do the same…” I had to agree with what he said and we have decided to exchange cash. Obviously I am not going to get as much as I am planning to give him ((Didi ka Pyaar))

There is something that we say while doing the phota, I always forget it and my mom reminds me every year. This year would be no different. I can see Kaju Katli in my kitchen and also a big box of Rosogulla. The mother and son have spent lots of money this year. No wonder, these people don’t miss me during festivals…


Well I have actually started this new game with my brother; it’s called ‘love-to-see-you-so-eager-Bhai’… I start saying something and then just stop and he gets super hyper and eager and literally runs behind me to tell him the other half. I love this attention game a lot.

So now I will go and wake my brother and irritate him a lot, because I am sleepy and I need entertainment! What are brothers for!


Happy ‘Bhai –phota’ to every one!






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