That OLD White T-shirt… Remember?

Sunday was a cleaning day at my place. My mom was standing on my head ( not literally) to clean my cupboard and take off the clothes that I don’t wear. I actually feel bad while removing my old clothes, I love to keep them all. Some years ago, I had a white T-shirt that my mom told me that she has removed it and handed it over to the poor.


That T-Shirt was really very close to me. It was extremely huge for me but it gave me that cozy feeling when I was in it. It was fully white and nothing on it. Nothing at all. I loved that T-shirt for many reasons.

It was too comfortable.

My dad had bought me that T-shirt (over-sized T-shirt)

It made me look so-so-so thin. (Yayyy)

I had so many fantasies while I wore that T-shirt.

I have read so many Mills – and – Boons wearing that T-shirt.

I was 18 when I first had the biggest crush of my life and I spoke to him all night and guess what…? I wore that T-shirt then as well.


So now you know how close that T-shirt was for me! I have spent so many nights wearing it and saw so many good and bad days with it. So last Sunday while cleaning my cupboard I missed it so much. Hmm! Well the Daily Post Theme today isn’t ‘T-Shirt’, it is actually ‘Old Things’. At times some old things are so important for us. My mom gets so irritated when I insist her to keep some special old things. Me and my brother have this habit of keeping old things and keeping some memories alive but my mom is completely opposite, she says memories can be kept without some material things and these things just increase the Percentage of Junk in the house.


I guess she is right but for a person who can’t remember people with their names but with their face, I need the things and not just the memories…! Generation gap, I say!


I am not sure if ‘The Boy‘ is reading this post, even if he is I hope he remembers ‘That OLD White T-shirt’, does he…? ((Thinking…. Deep Thinking…))


4 thoughts on “That OLD White T-shirt… Remember?

  1. Sweetie, I love all the reasons why that T-Shirt is so so dear to you – much like a blue stupid T-shirt of mine was for me. The reasons were almost similar. Oh, it’s a shame that you have to let it go. Love the last line – ‘ for a person who can’t remember people with their names but with their face, I need the things and not just the memories’!


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