best resolution for 2012: do ‘what your heart says…’

It’s better to do it rather than regret later… I had tried this thing almost 6 months ago and that was one thing I really relish rather than regret… it made me feel as if I am on the 9th cloud… I had one amazing night of my life… one night that I can’t forget. It was the night I lost all my senses and was JUST ME!!! This was the NIGHT when I was totally drunk… it was some night…

There are many things that we want to do but something in the back of my mind stops us… let’s keep just one RESOLUTION this coming year: let’s do it!!! Let’s not regret on anything. This year let’s do everything that we just THOUGHT to do.

As it is you never know when life will come to an end… these are the moment, let’s live it… why to stop yourself from anything and then say, “I could’ve done it…” maybe this sounds too outrageous but yeah when I say LET’S DO IT I mean everything your heart says. If your heart says to slap someone you’ve hated, go ahead SLAP THEM!!! I know it sounds weird and baseless but why to live as the world wants you to live, rather just be you… I know it’s difficult to follow your heart because your heart can lead you into many many many problems but that’s fun of life… let me try this in the year 2012… will do everything and anything that my heart says… its gonna be fun… and any such hearty thing done by me would be blogged on for sure!!!


Let’s welcome 2012 with the best resolution: follow ‘what your heart says…’


6 thoughts on “best resolution for 2012: do ‘what your heart says…’

  1. love this! I’ve been trying to live this way for sometime now. It can be difficult, because the ideas of society do have a way of nudging into your consicous, but be strong and just be you! 🙂 Good luck to it…look forward to reading about you being just you! 🙂


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