can COFFEE be just COFFEE??? please?

When a girl texts you and talks to you, it doesn’t mean that she LIKES you or want to date you… nor does it mean that she is AVAILABLE!!! To be very frank Girls are very selfish! I am. When I send someone a ‘Hi’ it means ‘I am bored. Talk to me’ the fact is due to nice SMS schemes I tend to send the first ‘Hi’ to all my friends. Then I wait and see who has replied to it. For example out of 5 friends if 2 replied to it I will then decide whom should I talk to and then begin the chatting rather I would say Texting!!!


I SMS chat with my friends or guys when I am really bored and need some entertainment… but just because I text you on my breaks and when I am done with my shift, doesn’t mean ‘this girl is available. I should ask her for a COFFEE!!!’ coffee here is CAPITAL… does it ring a bell??? Ahh yeah you got that “COFFEE!!!” imagine a guy telling you, “I think we should have coffee at MY PLACE (no one is there) because we text each other…” COME-ON!!!

The moment I think, “That’s a sweet guy!!!” the guy turns out to be a villain!!! I am too bad when it comes to judging people, because, most of the time I don’t judge them positively but the day I do so the next day it turns out to be the WORST judgment ever…

Why can’t coffee just be coffee and texting just be texting? The moment a girl and a guy say: “coffee” there is an eyebrow up first and then we realize “ahh he/she actually wants to have just Coffee!!!” but when there is “at my/ your place” along with COFFEE the alarm should ring louder and louder. Why can’t guys just think from MIND? GOD has given us mind so that we can think… but today girls think from HEART and guys from …. Ahem ahem!!! You know from where!!! But why? Are all of them like that!!! Well to know that maybe have to meet more guys and try to find out… will certainly make a mental survey of the counts!!!


Last but not the least – let COFFEE be just COFFEE!!!


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