Everyone tells you: “you were amazing. You danced well or you acted well. Your singing was mind-blowing. Your article was astonishing. The dessert you made was delicious…” blah-blah-blah!!! People say many good things. All of us like the good thing said to us. But the truth is the CRITICISM that one gives you.

Thing that you should rather like is: “you could’ve sung well.  You could’ve done that step instead of this. These clothes don’t suit you. You could’ve added less sugar in it and could’ve garnished it in a better way. Things that you write are truly senseless…” OUCH. That hurts!!! But as we say truth hurts. But trust me; it’s the best thing to know. Your critics are always your well-wishers, even if not you can consider them as one!!! People can appreciate you a lot, but someone telling you on your face, “DUDE GET A LIFE” needs courage.

I have been dedicating lots of blog posts for people, but someone is dedicating posts for me now… ahh the only difference is: it’s more of SARCASM, but yeah I indeed love this!!!

In your style Utsav (

P.S.: ‘The White Horse with a charming prince…’ is something I used to believe in… but REALITY struck me for the better!!! 😉 😀


5 thoughts on “CRITICISM and SARCASM together!!! AMAZING!!!

  1. It’s true! You can never improve as a writer/baker/artist if you don’t have critiques, even if we don’t view them as being the nicest. Most of them mean well.

    The important thing is that we remember that they are going to help us more than the initial sting of their words hurts!

    Lovely post!


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