I miss the college days, when I and Shrabani went till the college looked at each other and then said, “wanna go?!?” this usually followed with a cunning smile… and then we used to walk to the opposite direction… the entire crowd walking towards the college and both of us proudly walking showing it our back and proudly discussing how much we have in our wallets… I miss the way we used to explore the entire Bhayander and Mira Road, engrossed in our talking, let go the entire world and then thinking what now?


Started up in college and now at the same work place, we are always together… it’s been almost 6 years now and we’ve fought so many times, where she has come and said sorry all the time… she has taken care of me when I was upset, she has been my mother when necessary, she has been my boyfriend if necessary, she has been my enemy at times and she has been a sibling always… we have had crush on the same professor and used to cherish looking at him. We eyed the lady professor’s saris and wished we were not studying commerce together…

She knew and still knows when I am broke; she knows when I am filthy rich. We party even when both of us are broke… as they say, TWO IS PARTY… here is the best example of this and they truly say, THREE IS CROWD, we’ve never liked a third person in our life. We have also had crush for the same guy after being 21 and rather she had the crush first and then I fell for the guy. We still laugh on it… we are so mean that at times we actually look at a guy walking and give him a score…

She was always there for me no matter what… she ate things just because I need company… we’ve had kulfi treat, just the two of us because we won some competition in our college. We died for having the pani puris and then the nimbu paani… we have had taprii chai on the roads where we were the only girls surrounded by all the men… we have tried getting drunk together… we speak to each other through text messages while we are in the same vehicle. We have cancelled plans because either of us is not comfortable in the group.

We have been friends since a long time but we are two opposites… she loves dancing and I hate dancing. I love writing and she loves reading them. She loves cooking, I love eating. She can dance on the road; I might even not laugh on the road. She doesn’t want to study further; I want to keep studying till I die. She wants to get married ASAP while I want to cancel the concept of marriage from the world. She wants to be the best homemaker while I want to be the best writer on homemakers 😉

We are poles apart and hence we are FRIENDS… we have done the biggest blunders in life like hiding our exam marks and cribbed for silly reasons like her crush getting married to someone… we have spent early mornings outside house looking at the nature and also spent the entire night drinking together. When we are together we don’t need anyone. Our world is complete just by knowing that yes she is here… this is friendship guys. It’s really difficult to find such friends and please do keep them safe… end of the day, A Friend in need, is a Friend INDEED!!!


8 thoughts on “LIKE and EVIL MINDS!!!

  1. You make me remind of my bestfriend in college well we didn’t see now a days coz she is already married… truly having someone like them maked our life more colorful and meaningful…. I love reading this post…


  2. Love your post Ashmita! Made me look back on the days when me and my High School bestfriend were still together. And like you and your friend, we belong to different poles- have different interest in life and with opposite personality. What I can do now is just to reminisce the good old memories we used to have since we no longer see each other much often now. I missed her…so badly I guess. 😦


  3. This is a very beautiful piece on friendship, It reminds me so many moments and this special bond that can unite two people who can be so very different.


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