The Serene Kiss!!!

And yes it was ‘The Kiss!!!’ it was mesmerizing… it was so innocent and full of love… today I can understand why do people say its awesome to be in love… today I can feel love…

I always thought that kisses would have been irritating and non sense but when I actually felt it was when I actually realised it!!! I have always seen actors kissing in movies and was really a fan of Gerard Butler’s kiss in P.S. I Love You… well did I use ‘was’ well its actually I AM still a fan of his kiss in the movie…

I have the movie on my computer and whenver I am watching the movie I just keep waiting for that perfect kiss… and yes I have always wanted my kiss to be as perfect as Holly’s (Hillary Swank) in the movie… I often said Gerry’s dialogue in the movie to my friends when anyone discussed a kiss: “kissing is not a boy’s job but a man’s job” this is one of my favorite dialogues from the movie…

I have written many times about love and kisses in my blog but have never really felt it but today I am writing about it as I am feeling it… I felt how it feels when the man who loves you kisses you…

It’s a serene feeling… the eyes closed but yet can imagine the expression on your lover’s face… this time I had let go all the principals of mine of not kissing… I was just me… I just did what I felt and flew with the moment… the moment was perfect…

It was just the two of us… while I was too upset about work and was just crying in front of him and telling him how things are going around!!! Was telling him how tired I was of all the internal politics… was just talking to him just when a tear rolled off my eyes and he just took my hand and said, “You have to take care of a few things in life… no matter what it’s only you who can achieve things and then show the world that you are ASHMITA” and gave me that serene smile… the smile that makes me relax…

I smiled back and told him, “just because I can’t do what people are doing doesn’t mean that I am not good right??? It’s all about principals!!!” just by saying this again a tear rolled off and he just came closer and gave me a tight hug!!! The hug was for relaxing me… no doubts that I was relaxed the moment his eyes were on me!!!

We were just sitting and sharing some talks and stares, he came a bit more closer and that was the moment… I decided not to spoil it!!! I decided not to ruin it by saying anything!!! I decided that let the moment be special!!! And yesss there it was a kiss on the cheek first… and my eyes closed just to feel the warmth of his on me!!! And within no seconds I could feel the real kiss…. A kiss that I have always read about and watched in movies!!!

It was nothing less than a fairy tale!!! Maybe more than perfect!!! When the kiss was over and he looked at me and smiled I was fully blushing… I could feel it!!! And then he gently kissed me on my forehead and said : “No matter what I am always with you…” this was the moment!!!

The entire thing sounds so perfect, doesn’t it??? Well it was perfect but it was all in the dream!!! As I always say Dreams are much better than Realities!!! And my dreams can go to levels!!! My dreams are as perfect as Mills and Boons or even a Karan Johar Movie!!!

Welll ciao!!! Keep blogging!!! Keep  Writing!!! Keep Reading!!! Keep loving!!! Keep dreaming!!!


4 thoughts on “The Serene Kiss!!!

  1. I had a woman who i started dating a bit ago call our 1st kiss serene. WOW. Had to look it up to see what she meant by it.Thank you jesus!


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