Ex is Next??!!!??

The title of this post might seem strange and confusing to many… its not that confusing, really??? It clearly means what is says!!!

It’s a human tendency of falling into a relationship and then when it’s all over they keep on crying and cursing themselves : “why did I love someone so much??? Why on the earth was I so attached to him/her???” it happens, people usually ask these questions to themselves!!!

Well its never the fault of either of them if a relationship doesn’t work… it was never meant to be there… I know it is difficult for us to LET GO someone!!! Well I have usually noticed and observed that most of my friends; after a full-fledged break up, falls into a relationship with a person who resembles their EX in some way or the other… so eventually you are actually falling in LOVE again with your EX!!!

Though we say that my current BF/GF is way to better than my EX but in reality they have some similar traits… not their fault, its just a human tendency!!!

I, once used to like a guy a lot… he was my first crush during my teenage and trust me he was the best in being bad… not that he was a bad boy but he was quite notorius… then, when I was Eighteen, I used to think guys who drink alcohol and have dated many girls are BAD BOYS!!! So for me he was a bad boy… but still I liked him a lot… and I wouldn’t deny that I still like him!!! ;)…. I mean comeon he was my First Crush!!! And he is one of my very good friends even now!!!

Now I have realised that I am so much into him that I am attracted to guys to resembles him… not by looks  but by behavior… I have been attracted to more of ‘bad boys’ not literally bad boys but as I said, guys who drink and casanovas… well there was an exception lately, where I liked a guy, who was completely his opposite…

This guy has loved only ONE girl till date… even after he broke up with her I know he still loves her… which is sweet… so not like my First Crush!!! When I liked this guy the ‘sincere types’ I thought that the logic of getting attracted to the types just like your EX is WRONG… but but but!!! The sincere types had one thing similar to my ex!!! Well it was the ZODIAC sign!!! I mean what more can I ask for!!! And then I realised that it is usually that Your Ex is your Next!!! i mean the sincere types liked photography just like my ex!!! not ex, literally but whatever… i mean, it’s WE who rather are just looking for the same type of person, because we were happy then and want to be happy again, hence we search for the similar types!!!

well maybe Ex is your Next!!!

ciao!!! keep blogging!! keep reading!!!


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