The Runaway Writer

Not 21 anymore… no more foolishness… no more tears of HER!!! All you would find in this series is the new Maya!!! What can be better than a rebellious writer who writes and creates things as per her wish? She has tattoos, the perfect hour-glass figure, big eyes, husky voice and a BLACKBERRY!!!

 Have you thought of hooking up with your childhood friend, while you are dating your boss??? Well Maya too has thought of it!!! Have you ever fought with your editor because of internal politics? Maya has also done it!!! It is your story!!! Every girl’s story!!!

There is too much of passion to handle and trust me Maya is not that easy to handle. There are many male characters and every man would have a different characteristic altogether, but what remains common is Maya. Some men in the series hate her, some want her, some envy her, some respect her, and some drools at her while just ONE of them loves her!!!

Aha don’t expect the entire story in the blurb!!! A blurb is meant to be a blurb… in short this series has extreme drama, fashion, emotions, passions, love makings, creativity, reality, and everything with NOTHING!!! You ask for it and it would be there!!!

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