Life Update – II

With the busy lives we have, it becomes very difficult for us to cope up with the things we love to do. There are times, when all you want to do is ‘Sit back, and relax.’ With a job in hand and a family to handle, relaxing is possible only after the moon is up. All of us needs the ‘Me time’, and now is the time to manage our times in such a way that we get the ‘Me Time’ we deserve.

I am usually the kind of person who loves to procrastinate. I am really good at procrastination, which is obviously a problem for me and my blog. It has been two weeks since I have started a new day job and when I say ‘day job’ it is LITERALLY a day job. This is the first time I have ever worked in Day Shift. So far all I have done in my life is working in night shifts and I have enjoyed those so far. I have this habit of sleeping in day and working my butt out in the night. However, now I am an early bird who has to wake up before the sun rises and I come home when the moon is up.

I have thought a lot about the topics I need to cover in my blog but with so little time, all I could do is reach home and crash the bed. The travelling is exhausting and my body is still getting used to it. I have rarely travelled in the Mumbai Local train at peak hours for 6 days straight. It is a little grueling. However, this week I have decided to write 2 blogs, a week.

Thinking of the topic is the difficult part; however, I have decided to pick up topics from my day to day life. Initially, when I was at home; my entire world was Google. Now, as I am going out and exploring the human society, I can think from the ‘people’ point of view.

I see so many people every day in the train and they all have so many stories to say. I am planning to start jotting down points from the day-to-day life, so that when I sit at home to create content for this blog, I have a lot of real life content.

I am grateful to all of you, as you guys have literally been very patient with me and my disappearance from the blog every now and then. But now on, I will try my level best to create and edit content twice a week.

Keep Blogging! keep Reading! Love yourself!

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