Girl’s Fantasy: LITTLE LOVE — THAT’S IT…

Any girl’s fantasy!!! LOVE? Yes. More LOVE? Yes. Only Love? YESSS…. All the girls just want little love which is never LITTLE, in reality, but yeah we do call it LITTLE and then we also say THAT’S IT!!! When we say: “That is all I am asking for…” it means the ALL is actually ALL…… Continue reading Girl’s Fantasy: LITTLE LOVE — THAT’S IT…


Mind or Heart???

“Should I listen to my Heart or Mind?” this is the confusion for many… there are times when our heart says something and to oppose that comes into the picture our Mind… its usually confusing for us when our two friends have opposing views but both are giving their views just for our help… This… Continue reading Mind or Heart???


The Wait for the Poems!!!

I have written many blogs and most of them is dedicated to ONE MAN…. And he knows it very well… well its good to write about him and for him because when I write it and proof read it, I have a smile on my face thinking of him smiling when he reads it… this… Continue reading The Wait for the Poems!!!