Year Ending Diary: Roundup 2013!

Hello! Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving. 2014 is just a month away and here comes the last month of the year and the best one too - December! 2013 has been a roller coaster ride and I can't deny the fact that it is been amazing. Ups and downs were the theme of 2013… Continue reading Year Ending Diary: Roundup 2013!


She’s no more a Girl

Looking out of the pane Pouring down is the rain The stain washed away; The pain washed away Behind was left the ugly scar Please! Don’t ask her to go far You are past; it’s a new era The lass has grown You made her scowl She was a game you played Where she was… Continue reading She’s no more a Girl


Already a mother of Two; In her Dream City

Is it difficult to be a mother to someone at an age of 24? Maybe it is. But is it possible to be a mother of two children from your boyfriend’s past? Is that a baggage to be considered or a blessing? Would the mother be all good for those children? Has the guy bought… Continue reading Already a mother of Two; In her Dream City